Facilitated by a holistic change management approach, our multi-phased modernization approach is customized to the unique needs and requirements of each client.


Migrating mission-critical legacy COBOL applications being hosted in a mainframe environment to an x86 environment. This results in immediate cost savings on mainframe maintenance and MIPS cost that can be allocated to modernization efforts through phased re-engineering or complete rearchitecture.

Re- Engineering

Transforming obsolete, hard to maintain, vulnerable systems to modern, secure, high-performance applications.

Total Re-Architecture

Refactoring ineffective application architecture to a more efficient, scalable and integrated modern architecture that will evolve with technology.


Leveraging our CMMI Level 3 process expertise, we provide a wide range of support and maintenance services to maximize your mission- critical applications.

Application Support & Sustainment

A tiered support structure, adequately staffed with IT professionals thoroughly knowledgeable of your organization’s design and architecture, application source code, testing models, ability to make programming changes/bug fixes and provide help desk support.

Application Deployment & Release Management

Our refined CMMI release management processes coupled with our deployment experience allow us to identify automation processes that will lead to heightened efficiency.

Configuration & Change Management

We begin the CMMI based configuration management process by assessing and documenting existing configurable entities (i.e. source code, test case, assets etc.) to achieve our baseline. Change management processes such as performing impact analysis and effort and cost estimation are employed as changes arise.

Continuous Process Improvement & Governance

Our continuous process improvement processes deliver shorter and sharper focused project reviews, assessing programs with consistent process and product metrics as well as risk and issue management.

Help Desk Support

Professional, knowledgeable front-line technical and application support for hardware and/or software systems 24/7/365.



Innovative and trusted solutions in data center operations inclusive of migration, modernization, consolidation, optimization and NOC/SOC support for our clients.


We help streamline your operations and build state of the art data centers in the following ways:

  • Migration and relocation of existing infrastructure
  • Modernization to ensure up to date hardware and software
  • Consolidation via virtualization and/or centralization of servers
  • Optimization of current servers and hardware by adding capabilities and increasing capacities


We promote business continuity initiatives and safeguard your network through effective, disciplined management and monitoring of:

  • Data Flow
  • Infrastructure
  • Power
  • Servers
  • Manual & Automated Patches
  • Cyber Security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Intrusion Prevention


Using CMMI Level 3 appraised development processes, we develop customized, proven and integrated systems that are flexible and scalable to meet the unique requirements and business flows of each client.

 System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Our system development lifecycle models include:

  • Agile
  • Iterative
  • Waterfall

 Requirements Elicitation

The importance of a thorough requirements elicitation process to assess our clients’ needs, pain points, risks and assumptions cannot be overstated. We tailor the methods and tools used to those best suited for the To-Be goal.

  • Methods– Goal Oriented Use Cases, User Stories, etc.
  • Tools– Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)

Design, Develop, Test & Deploy

Our systems development and integration services include:

  • High Level Design Documentation – technical, physical, logical & communication architecture
  • Test Driven Application Development
  • System Integration
  • Automated Build & Application Lifecycle Management


End-to-end targeted testing and quality management activities in each of the areas of lifecycle testing to ensure system integrity.

Quality Assurance

Proactive defect prevention and continuous improvement of development lifecycle processes and standards in accordance with industry standard and Ventech specific process excellence approaches.

Quality Control

Ensuring pre-defined client business requirements and business process improvements are fulfilled without defect to facilitate system superiority and a smooth deployment.


Enhancing the power of your data to maximize operational and functional efficiency and to ensure informed decisions through the availability of accurate and reliable data at your fingertips.

Data Architecture Analysis & Design

Performing an in-depth assessment and examination of current data models, policies and rules in order to cleanse and transform data to a new data model with the goal of fulfilling business requirements and facilitating improved decision making.

Database Management

Supporting agency initiatives by strategically organizing, planning for capacity and creating logical data capture processes.

Data Quality Management

End-to-end enterprise data quality management to ensure operational data integrity and processes remain complete and reliable during collection, application, warehousing and analysis.

Shared Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence

Deeper, faster and more cross-functional data mining to transfer raw data into meaningful and useful information for efficient business analysis. We use advanced integrated tools and applications that enable:

  • Enhanced, comprehensive dashboard communication and business insight for decision makers
  • Improved business activities coordination
  • Quicker response to business environment changes in real-time
  • Informed decision making

Service Now, ITSM Implementation & Integration

Service Now Integration and ITSM Implementation

Ventech’s ServiceNow integration staff will assess your business processes such as ITSM, your technical environment (including other products or manual processes) and elevate your organization through the world class capabilities offered by ServiceNow, resulting in an improved operational profile.

Breadth of Process

Ventech implements change across a broad spectrum of corporate processes including ITSM, Service Requests, Customer Requests, IT Provisioning Processes, Asset Management, among others


We Integrate the ServiceNow infrastructure with existing applications, identity management solutions, other workflow processing systems and COTS packages