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For more than 20 years, Ventech Solutions has been a trusted partner to the public sector leading critical technology transformations that have empowered government agencies to meet their missions.


Cloud Services

Enterprise-wide cloud transformation for even the most complex systems

 Ventech Solutions cloud engineering services provide a holistic approach to enterprise-wide cloud transformation. We assist our customers with building their cloud strategy and choosing the best-fit model (public, private, or hybrid) and operating model (IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS) to meet their needs.

Our certified experts in cloud engineering work with our customers to transform even the most complex architecture, platforms, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud by:

  • Developing a strategy
  • Choosing the right architecture and approach
  • Evaluating cloud readiness
  • Optimizing applications
  • Devising cloud security strategies
  • Migrating and implementing a cloud platform
  • Maintaining governance for a cloud platform


Service Management

ServiceNow Premier Partner: Transform how your business operates

As a business grows and changes, workflows need to be updated and can become more complex. Legacy systems are often too cumbersome to be adaptable, which means costly upgrades. With ServiceNow, it is easy to standardize service delivery and automate workflows. Making the processes simple and easy to use means increased productivity, reduced redundancy, reliable metrics and more profitability. As a ServiceNow Premier level partner in sales, services and the public sector, we help companies that are looking to advance in areas such as customer service, human resources, leadership, governance and IT.

Ventech Solutions uses Agile and SAFe best practices to design, deliver, implement and manage solutions through the ServiceNow platform. Our experience with the Customer Service Management (CSM), IT Business Management (ITBM), IT Service Management (ITSM), and IT Operations Management (ITOM) products provides specific or integrated solutions that include improved customer service, robust reporting with performance analytics and increased capacity through intelligent automation.

Starting with one or more core modules, we help you address the key service areas impacting your organization’s ability to plan, execute, track and report with data-driven results. Best practice methods and ITIL-based processes are tailored to meet your unique needs. The results deliver a consistent approach to:

  • Managing service desks
  • Data center operations and management
  • Employee and customer service experience
  • Other businesses and IT management focus areas

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Ventech Solutions’ mission. We believe that our customers are partners and we team to help you achieve your business objectives. Our ServiceNow experts develop customized plans that can include a step-by-step approach for process design through implementation, maintenance, and improvement. We don’t stop there. We design integrated training programs that use in-class, video, and self-service training approaches.

Talk with us today about our ServiceNow solutions by contacting us at 410-216-1239 or email at


Legacy Modernization

Application Design, Operation and Sustainment

In today’s digital world, consumers demand speed from their business applications. Companies need end-user experiences to be high performing for better employee engagement and continued customer satisfaction. Slow business applications that cause end-user delays result in less productivity and more importantly, a bottom line that is impacted.

Ventech Solutions experts can deliver high-performance business applications with a rich digital user experience in both web and mobile environments. A CMMI Level 3 organization (services and development), we are unique in our application development and deliver a technology and agile approach to design, develop and deliver fast-responding business applications.

Ventech Solutions application development services include:

  • Application architecture and design
  • Application platform reengineering
  • Full lifecycle implementation
  • COTS/GOTS customization and implementation
  • System integration services
  • Application operations and sustainment
  • Legacy application Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

Most current business-critical applications are running on legacy platforms, resulting in operations and maintenance constraints for IT leaders and less than optimal performance for internal and external customers. Ventech Solutions can provide a roadmap to help you meet your goals.

For nearly 20 years, Ventech Solutions teams have moved legacy applications to modern, future-investment-proof IT systems that deliver superior performance and cost savings to customers. Our proven methodology (package implementation, reengineering, re-hosting or code upgrades) ensures that the entire modernization lifecycle from planning to program management and deployment to support is seamless to end-users.


Contact Center Operations

Faster Response Time and Better Workflows

Your service desk’s responsiveness impacts your customer satisfaction and is key to the overall productivity of your organization. Ventech Solutions works with our clients to develop a service desk that will provide continuous service improvement with processes that are flexible to change with your organization’s needs.

With our service desk offering, your user requests are answered on average in less than 20 seconds promoting consistent, disciplined responsiveness to issues and their timely resolution. The use of ITIL processes and an integrated knowledge base ensures the right answer is provided on the users’ first call. The ITIL best practice processes — through workflow and automation, notifications, knowledge management, self-service, and built-in reporting and analytics capabilities — is critical to improving IT operations through:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced insights into performance
  • Improved customer service



Security as a Service

Not all companies have access to full-service IT security teams, which is why they turn to the experts at Ventech Solutions. We partner with our clients to provide support and the advanced protection that you need, from host and code scan analysis to dedicated audits for compliance. Working with your IT teams, we can ensure that your system release is compliant with Federal, DoD and state requirements and most importantly, keep your systems secure. Our engineers will help protect your website and source code, eliminating the worry about exposing your company and customers to cyber threats.

For nearly 20 years, Ventech Solutions has provided its clients with IT system solutions that are scalable.

We can provide Security as a Service (SECaaS) to help your organization:

  • Design and maintain a secured system
  • Deploy new systems and enhancements cost-effectively, and
  • Meet your project timeline
  • Our four levels of Ventech Solutions IT Security services are CISO-in-a-Pinch, Security on Demand, Personalized Cybersecurity Consultant, and Full Security Suite and include a wide range of services to help meet your security needs.
Ventech Solutions SECaaS
on Demand
Full Security
General Questions
Host and Code Scan Analysis
Vulnerability and Compliance Impact Analysis
Analyze Trending Data
Penetration Testing
Custom Reporting & Dashboarding
Application Level Monitoring
Log Correlation & Analysis
Log Alerting/Triggering & Dashboards
Application Development Repository Security
Network-Based Intrusion Detection/Prevention (IDS/IPS)
Web-Based Attack Prevention
Advanced Email Protection
Web Application Firewall (WAF) Solutions
Security Tool Alerting & Triggering
File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)
Endpoint Protection
PHI/PII Log Capture & Alerting
Container Scans
Security Incident Response
Technical Writing 
Documentation Review 
Review Process and Procedures 
Contractor Onboarding 
Ad-hoc and Automated Code/Applications 
Host and Compliance Scans 
Full-time IT Security Resources (ISSO, SA, SPOC)  
Annual Security Awareness Training   
Product Research   
Project consulting and Management   
Role-based Security Training   
Security Tool Demonstrations   
Procurement Services   
Professional Services Deployments   
New Security Configuration   
Continuous System Monitoring   
Annual Audits (FISMA and HITRUST Compliance)   
Remediate Compliance and Vulnerability Findings   
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Continuous Mitigation and Diagnostics (CDM) Compliance   


Service Integration & Management

Service Integration & Management


  • Aligns technical, economic, and organizational feasibility issues
  • Maps technical needs and capabilities to business drivers
  • Provides governance across multiple contracts in a multi-contractor enterprise
  • Builds a services-based delivery approach
  • Manages enterprise IT consolidation and cost savings initiatives


  • Enables organizational maturity
  • Takes advantage of flexibility and innovation
  • Promotes transparency
  • Assists in the early identification of risks
  • Coordinates with clients on standards and policies
  • Enhances security postures
  • Promotes analytic capability and data-driven decision making