Year 1997

Master Minds, Inc. was founded by Ravi and the company was operating from Ravi’s apartment until October 1998. Master Minds had offices in Atlanta, Georgia, Columbus, Ohio and Sydney, Australia. Master Minds grew into a large business by 1997, moved into its first corporate offices from his apartment and celebrated record 4 years combined revenues of over $14 million.

Year 1995

Soon after this success, Ravi founded Master Minds with the sole aim to create a world class global enterprise. Master Minds was a Desktop Publishing, Computer Sales and Support Company. The company had a record growth from zero revenue to over INR 5 Million in its first year.

Year 1993

The company was started as a Book Publishing company Balaji Publications out of a hut (where Ravi Kunduru was a paying guest student) nearby his college in Chennai (Potheri, India). The company successfully published Advance Microprocessor and Design II, a custom print of thousands of copies to cater the needs of Engineering students for the academic year.