Ventech receives a new remote Database and Network management contract for a transportation technology company in Columbus, Ohio

Ventech Solutions through its GDC using proven 3O™ Outsourcing methodology has received a Remote System Network Management , Network Administration and Support and Database management service contract for a growing Transportation software research and development company in Columbus, Ohio Mrs. Sheela Kunduru, Director-Quality Assurance executed the contract and said that the company’s 3O™ outsourcing methodology from Ventech is expected to save atleast 35% in the customer cost with the same delivery time and quality of services.

Ventech‘s “Mission 1108” a corporate wide commitment to ensure operational Excellency begins October 1,2007

Ventech solutions today launches “Mission 1108” a corporate wide commitment to ensure Operational Excellency by January 1,2008. “This task order for the company is a mandatory exercise to institutionalize and restructure the existing good processes to a great processes. The mission 1108 is focused on establishing a MASTERY PHASE by focusing training, communication, process establishments at Ventech, said Mr. Ravi Kunduru, CEO”

Ventech’s Founder and CEO interviews 84% of the company staff in the USA for the company as a part of the modern management style

As a part of corporate operational excellence, Mr. Ravi Kunduru has taken a unique modern style of approach to receive the feedback from the entire staff of the company by conducting 1:1 meeting each with 20 minutes. Within a two weeks period of time frame, Mr. Kunduru was able to conduct 1:1 staff meeting covering 84% of the strength. Mr. Kunduru shared his experience in the V-connect magazine.

Ventech Product Division represents as the technology solution provider in North American Conference HMEC in Edison, NJ for its Membership software “HOMA”

Ventech Global Product division represents HOMA as a Temple Automation solution in the annual North American Hindu Mandhir Executive Conference (HMEC) to temple executives more than 100 temples. “The HOMA solution is an exclusive solution developed for Hindu Mandhir’s in North America. With the total response from the conference, we are pleased to help and assist Hindu Mandhir’s- Said Mrs. Sheela Kunduru, Director Quality Assurance”