Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Federal Cloud Services

Ventech Solutions delivers industry-leading cloud consulting services to federal agencies across healthcare and other industries teaming up with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our cloud experts have helped hundreds of organizations in today's critical productivity areas that include:

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Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations
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IT Operations Automation
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Cloud Computing & Cost Optimization
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Cloud Security
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IT Service Management
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IT Infrastructure Automation

Cloud Services

As an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner, Ventech Solutions has deep and proven AWS expertise, earning more than 40 AWS staff certifications.

Ventech Solutions is also a global AWS Solutions Provider, authorized to resell AWS services to federal government and other public sector clients with the ability to create and manage client accounts end-to-end.

We accelerate speed of delivery with quality by being experts in domains needed by federal clients.

Cloud Migration Services

Accelerate your cloud adoption by migrating your infrastructure and applications to AWS without disrupting your business.

Cloud DevOps Services

Accelerate application development and deployment by implementing DevOps practices on the AWS cloud.

Data and Analytics Services

Store and analyze all of your data in the cloud to uncover valuable growth opportunities.

Cloud Managed Services

Focus on business innovation and not 24/7 cloud operations - reduce your cloud costs while maximizing performance and availability.

Cloud Services

AWS Technologies

Our team has hands-on experience with the following AWS technologies:

AWS Technology Expertise​ Benefit to our Federal Clients​
Amazon SageMaker​

IT Operations & Automation

We design Machine Learning algorithms that help your organization operate more efficiently with less complexity.
Amazon S3 Object Lambda​

Cloud Computing

We bring compute resources closer to your centralized data repositories making it possible to extract more value from existing information.
Amazon Route 53​

IT Infrastructure Automation

We employ highly secure and scalable and Domain Name Systems using flexible routing policies that adapt to your organization.
Amazon RDS​

Cloud Computing

We easily set up, operate, and scale databases in the cloud, providing cost-efficient and resizable capacity​.
Amazon Managed Service for Grafana

IT Service Management

We develop interactive data visualizations that help you see and act on information in new and different ways.
Amazon CloudWatch​

Cloud Security

We offer comprehensive cloud monitoring and controls for federal clients.​

Cloud Services

Case Studies

Explore our case studies relevant to our Federal Cloud Services.