Ventech Solutions Dash Alert™

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Jan. 31, 2019 – Ventech Solutions, Inc. announced the release of Ventech Solutions Dash Alert™, a first-ever centralized security management system that can modify resource access control facility (RACF) to manage authorization rules of enterprise-wide systems and monitor security breaches in real-time. Dash Alert allows system administrators to provide various levels of access and permissions to enterprise-wide application modules, submodules, and cross approval actions and receive immediate notifications of security breaches.

Legacy enterprise-wide systems, using RACF or similar security products that provide permissions and access control, provide alerts that are many times sent hours after a breach has occurred. With Ventech Solutions Dash Alert, the administrators are notified immediately when a breach occurs.

Ventech Solutions Dash Alert allows disparate applications and modules across an enterprise system to monitor for security breaches in real time,” says Warren Strauss, Ventech Solutions Senior Vice President, Research & Innovation.

Ventech Solutions Dash Alert allows administrators to set permissions and manage access, including management of applications, user and roles, file security, notification and reports, files and databases. “Providing administrators with the ability to set permissions and access control at multiple levels and across multiple applications in an enterprise, allows a deeper level of security and knowledge so that if any of those levels have been breached, an administrator can take immediate action,” says Raja Krishnamurthy, Vice President, Product Engineering for Ventech Solutions.

Ventech Solutions Dash Alert was initially developed for the company’s customer, the Railroad Retirement Board, to secure the administration of its retirement and health benefits programs for their beneficiary workers and families. Ventech Solutions is now expanding access of the product to other customers and administrators who face similar challenges in monitoring and maintaining enterprise-systems.

About Ventech Solutions

Ventech Solutions is a healthcare solutions provider who has expertise in end-to-end information technology life cycles and data solutions. Across its offices, teams combine passion, experience and technical expertise with superior process and delivery knowledge to provide high-quality IT products and services that align with our key strength areas. Ventech Solutions proudly provides mission-critical initiatives for the U.S. government.

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