Ventech Solutions Enhances Security Portfolio with Tenable and Trend Micro Partnerships

September, 2020

Ventech Solutions, Inc. joined the partner programs of two leading cybersecurity solution providers, Tenable and Trend Micro, which expands the company’s security portfolio.

Through the partner program with Trend Micro, Ventech Solutions will have more access to the organization’s enterprise-level anti-virus and anti-malware suites of products. As an industry leader, Trend Micro offers numerous on-premises and cloud-based solutions to secure organizations that have only a few hosts, all the way to the largest enterprises. Trend Micro provides best-in-class cloud security, network defense, and user protection products. They are designed to increase an organization’s security posture while saving organizations money, by being more affordable than other major vendors.

The Tenable partner program will provide products to help manage, measure and reduce vulnerabilities, as well increase security compliance scores. Tenable is an industry leader within the vulnerability and compliance space and is regularly employed in large federal agencies, making them a trusted partner for any organization. Tenable’s product line offers both on-premises and cloud-based solutions, mobile device solutions, internet of things (IoT) devices, as well as industrial systems support through its operational technology security products. Tenable is cutting-edge in risk management and risk scoring via their AI/ML technologies, web application scanners, DevOps integration, and security standard support such as PCI DSS.

In addition to the products and solutions, by joining these partner programs, Ventech Solutions will have access to advanced certifications, training, technical support and resources that will benefit its clients, as well as the ability to offer discounted license procurements.

“We’re proud to advance our suite of solutions, offering industry-leading products that reduce risk and combat the plethora of cyber threats facing enterprises today” said Jerry Craig, Vice President, Security Services. “These partner programs help us differentiate ourselves in the marketplace as a complete security solutions provider to our customers.”

Ventech Solutions is a leader in providing cybersecurity engineering and compliance solutions. Its Security-as-a-Service offerings focus on areas including:

  • Security Tools and Engineering
  • Security Compliance and Assessments
  • Security Operations Center (SOC) and Incidence Response
  • Security Education, Training and Awareness

There are four packages available: CISO-in-a-Pinch, Security on Demand, Cybersecurity Consultant and the Full Security Suite, in addition to the option of a customized package tailored to meet the specific needs of a business.

“Our security solutions have made such an impact with our federal customers propelling them to achieve major security milestones,” said Jerry. “We’ve been able to strengthen their security programs and processes while improving their security posture and lowering cost.”

To learn more about our Security as a Service, visit our website.

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